Sigh…someone is four years old today. It is so hard for me to believe. I wanted some photos for her birthday party invitations but was short on time so this is what we came up with (inspired by the Jinky retreat I attended last fall). It is just way too hot here in Texas and trying to get anything accomplished with Mia in one hand isn’t always easy. I literally shot these in 10 minutes or less and I love them, some of my favorite portraits of my girl now. They describe her to a T: messy hair + a fancy dress + being silly in her bedroom…. it took me a lot longer to blow up all of those pink and white balloons than what it did to take the actual photos!

And how many of you are familiar with Shelby’s color choices for her wedding in Steel Magnolias? Blush and bashful! Cannot help but think of that when I see these photos :)

And below, some tidbits about Cassie at 4 years old:

Who is your best friend? Mikey.

What is your favorite food? Chicken and pollo, and green beans!

What is your favorite TV show? Jessie.

What is your favorite color? Pink and purple.

What is your favorite song? Hit me baby one more time. (I know, my goodness!)

What do you wish for? A big bed so that mama and papa can sleep with me. <—-insert sad face here.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A princess!! And a teacher! But only when I am not busy being a princess.

To my princess, happy birthday. I love you more than you will ever know. xoxo