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The newest addition to my little family, Tristan, born just one day before my birthday this past April and quiteView full post »

“In awe…

of God’s grace.” I stole those words from this mama’s facebook page (hope it’s okay Cristina!)View full post »

Because Second Babies…

are easy. Or at least that’s my theory. With an almost 6 year old son at home, it was nice seeing my good friendsView full post »

Baby Steps

Couldn’t have asked for a better session as I ease back into my work. Baby steps. . . . . for the both of us.View full post »

1 year ago…

his mama and I hustled to get this pose. I am quite sure we both broke out into a sweat but it was so, so worth it. AndView full post »

This Face

Adorable little guy, isn’t he?!View full post »

A New Life | Houston Newborn Photographer

There are so many reasons to love this image. Like the fact that baby is less than 48 hours old here and already foundView full post »

The Rest….

from this *very* sweet & simple session. In honor of her birthday today of course. Happy Birthday, Lauren! Much loveView full post »

The Fresh Session | 28 Hours Old

I have been dyyyyyyyyying to blog this Fresh Session of this wee little baby girl. Probably my youngest and smallestView full post »