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My Favorite Kind of Session

I have been blessed with the sweetest clients lately, and little Miss O here and her parents are no exception. Loved, loved capturing this new family of three. No posing, no baskets, just real life with a newborn, at home.



Well I know I am no Adele, but….


it’s me…….

and it’s a new year! I’m kinda embarrassed that one of the reasons I am here updating my blog is only because facebook reminded me today that it has been 212 days since I have updated my “audience.” Who knew I had an audience right?! So where have I been? Still working, and still making pretty pictures, but mostly taking care of those two little people you see right up there. If you know us (or them) in real life, well then you know what I am talking about and there’s no explanation needed :) Throw in their dad, a messy house, 2nd grade homework, cooking, and the constant picking up of Lego’s and yeah….the blog and facebook tend to get a little neglected. For those of you that still take the time to stop by and check up on my little old blog, I cannot THANK YOU enough. I promise to be back soon so make sure to check back later this week, especially if you are interested in some pretty spring photos!

Goodbye Summer

We loved everything about our recent trip to Rockport. Well everything besides the old lady that wouldn’t let my youngest use her restroom even though we made a purchase at her old gift shop. If you are reading this and you are a lady, please do me a favor and do not ever become a grumpy old lady :)

And while I am going to miss the smell of sunscreen and the sound of my girls laughing at the beach this summer, I am looking forward to sweater weather and photos of pumpkins and everything fall!


“In awe…

of God’s grace.”

I stole those words from this mama’s facebook page (hope it’s okay Cristina!) the morning she posted that she would be heading to the hospital to deliver her fourth and last baby, and I think that one little phrase sums it up for me too. Thank you so much for trusting me to document you and your little family before the new arrival!

I should add a couple of sidenotes here that I think are pretty important by the way:

Baby was delivered ten days, yes! just 10 days after this session. Doesn’t mama look great?!

Mama and I were in the same 2nd grade class way back when! We now live in the same neighborhood and our kiddos attend the same school. Pretty cool, eh?

Dad was a trooper. And by that, I mean a kind of go with the flow kind of Dad which I love to see at my sessions. And not only that, I was shocked when I found out he had just gotten off of work at 6am and still managed to play along with the rest of us at 8am!

Thank you so much Cristina and fam! Hope I get to meet Baby J soon :)

Because Second Babies…

are easy. Or at least that’s my theory.

With an almost 6 year old son at home, it was nice seeing my good friends ease into parenthood for a second time around. There just seems to be a different kind of calmness when you have another child. No second questioning or doubting your intuition, it all seems to come so easy and natural.

Nothing, and I mean nothing,  like that time we were at the mall years ago with our new babies and fancy strollers in the parking garage, and neither of us could figure out how to get our strollers to open. Darn those instruction manuals, we need them more for our fancy strollers than we do our babies sometimes!

And because Fresh Sessions are my absolute favorite to shoot, here are just some of my favorites. Thank you T for letting me share.