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Without going into what is a very long and complicated story, let me just say: I am feeling better these days. I spent almost an entire year visiting doctors and hospitals and frankly, I am ready to ease back into my work. So if you have been waiting for photos, here’s your chance to snag up a good deal. Not sure how long this will last so you might want to hurry. These are good for most sessions that include up to 4 individuals but if you have a bigger crew and still want photos, please contact me so we can chat.

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2015 Mini Session

1 year ago…

his mama and I hustled to get this pose. I am quite sure we both broke out into a sweat but it was so, so worth it. And today, he turns ONE! Happy birthday D! xo


We ventured out to take a few photos with the bluebonnets today and for some reason, this one ended up being my favorite image of the day. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with blue flowers but I will take a little in between moment over a posed photo of my kids sitting in a patch of flowers any day.

Spring is here

and it can only mean one thing: my baby girl’s birthday will be here soon! And while I browse the web for cute party decor, I’ll take a minute to share these two from her party last year.