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1 year ago…

his mama and I hustled to get this pose. I am quite sure we both broke out into a sweat but it was so, so worth it. And today, he turns ONE! Happy birthday D! xo


We ventured out to take a few photos with the bluebonnets today and for some reason, this one ended up being my favorite image of the day. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with blue flowers but I will take a little in between moment over a posed photo of my kids sitting in a patch of flowers any day.

Spring is here

and it can only mean one thing: my baby girl’s birthday will be here soon! And while I browse the web for cute party decor, I’ll take a minute to share these two from her party last year.


A long time ago, I used to blog a lot more regularly. Somewhere along the lines, life got in the way and I came to a sudden stop. I am pretty sure I can vouch for those of you that have come to my page expecting to see new stories/photos only to scroll down and be sadly disappointed to see the same photos of my girls sitting in the bluebonnets :) But to be honest here, I miss my little blog. It’s been my little place to not only document new friends/clients, but it’s always been my little place where I can jot down my happy thoughts and images of my gang that are dear to my heart. After watching this image load onto my computer after returning home from our annual visit to the HLSR, I just knew I had to come on here and post it to my little spot on the web. Not because I think it’s technically perfect, but because it’s what makes me happy.

I will never ever forget that little face right down there in the middle. She has the most contagious smile.