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Picking Up Where I Left Off…

If you follow my work you have probably wondered where I’ve been for the last few months and the truth is, life threw me a few curve balls last year. I had to take some time off to take care of myself and my family, but I am happy to report that life is slowly returning to normal and I am anxious to return to work!

So with all that said, you may remember these sweet faces from my blog. I had the privilege of photographing the entire family last spring and most recently, I visited with them for a mini valentine session inside of their beautiful home. I cannot thank their mom (and dad!) for putting together such a sweet set up and for being so patient and understanding. They are truly some of the kindest people I have ever met. Thank you, thank you!

I have no words

Other than they were so sweet and full of smiles! Loved working with you guys, and hope it was worth getting up so early on a Sunday morning :)

I’ll take what I can get…

Realizing we had missed the bluebonnets the last couple of years, I was determined to make an attempt this year. What I really wanted was more non-posed images of my girls playing in the bluebonnets but we were so rushed on this day that things just didn’t go as planned. Nothing like taking the drive out to the country on a school night AND getting caught in traffic AND missing ballet class, right? Told ya I was determined! :)